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Epiphone Zenith video from Harmony Central


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I watched the vid about the Zenith "robotic tuning" guitar but was more interested in the Masterbilt archtop that hung on the wall behind the guy doing the demo. Is Epiphone going to produce a Masterbilt archtop ? I'd really dig one.


you guys know anything (the archtop looked new) 2:00 2:27 2:40



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I believe that guitar was one of The Epiphone Collection, classic vintage models from Epiphone's pre-Gibson past, which were on display.


Red 333


That would make it a 1932 Masterbilt Triumph. Pretty cool that they put some of those models on display.

Here is the link to the Epiphone Vintage Collection for anyone that is interested. I cant link to the guitar directly because the site is made with Flash.

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