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NGD Les Pau 60s Tribute..almost


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Several days ago I put on Layaway at a local music store a Gibson Les Paul 60s Tribute. A beauty with Honey burst finish and natural back. Made the first week of January 2011.




I went into the same store today to look at snare stands. As I usually do I went and looked at guitars.




Thet had a cherry buest 60s tribute natural back that was also the first week of January 2011. It is a beauty.




I changed my layaway to it.




I may still get the other if its there after I pick this one up. I still none the less like this one.




Here are some crap cell phone pics.









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Nice one.. Happy NGD :)


The tributes are awesome and most of the finishes are great.. I also did a similar thing where I had the Honeyburst on layby but when I went to pick it up they had all the colours so I tried a few.. In the end I went with a Goldtop (which I never thought I would) it was just one of those things though, the second I played the Goldtop I knew it was mine... :) its now my go to guitar... MORE MORE!!!! :)



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I took my Tuxedo Tribute and changed all the cream hardware pup covers, PG, knobs etc.. and changed them out for black ones. Also changed the tuning heads to black black grovers (locking). I have the P90s, it is a wonderful guitar with very good tone.

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