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Dating an SG standard please help......


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Hi Guys, I have a Gibson SG standard with a serial number of 811836, the serial number is inked and not pressed, this doesnt show on photos but trust me I can tell these things, this according to Gibson is for a 66 or 69 model, I have been trying to work out which it is, I have added some pictures to see if any of you guys recognise any of the trademark things, it does not look to have been modified or repaired, the soldering is all looking original, it has the non volute neck but a small neck joint, the bigsby has been removed but thats a pretty standard thing, anyway see what you think guys.


Thanks for any help.



post-42986-042023200 1334586413_thumb.jpg

post-42986-098228200 1334586424_thumb.jpg

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