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Sometimes you just gotta...


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... pull all the sh*t off your pedalboard and start over... I'm abandoning the clean and dirty loop strategy. One signal path (into multiple amps of course).


What it looked like...




What it looks like now...



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Well, it was kind of a pain in the a$$ to take everything apart, but I have a better sounding and

simplified board now. Looks like Imay even be able to get the wah back on board. Especially if

I sell the Dragon Fuzz which is a bit too high gain for me. Prolly should build a fuzz face clone

instead anyway... I still need to neaten up the power supply cords. Gotta make sure it's right first.



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Very nice! So tell us about your thought process for the final setup.


Well, I like wah first. Dirt comes second and modulation last (the standard order). But...

the vibe effects never sound right to me after dirt, so I put them between wah and dirt.

They get too trebley otherwise. Also I like my "booster" (COT50 in this case) in front of

the other dirt boxes so they drive the pedal rather than just boost the overall signal.

I set my amps "Wind Cries Mary" clean. That way the COT50 alone gets me into tight rock

(AC/DC maybe) territory. The dirt boxes can take it from there to insanity if needed.

That's my thinking anyway. [biggrin]

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