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What happened?


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I think also there was an incredible amount of personal abuse directed toward Henry. At least from my perspective.


Given that much was discourteous personal criticism rather than questioning this or that policy or design... If I were working Gibson PR, I probably would have recommended that the whole forum be dropped. Functionally that's about what happened.


It's one thing to say you have no interest in a robot or built-in guitar electronics and would prefer expansion of "traditional" concepts, it's another to suggest utter personal stupidity of anyone who even considers giving a shot at new technology. Given that I'm old enough to remember when the LP and other solid body guitars were "new technology," I thought those responses were even beyond silly.


Axe is correct, though, in that many of the readers felt they didn't get what they'd consider a credible response. I'm not sure what "credible" might mean - but as one who has written for years about public policy disputes, I'd say that it was a classic example of "failure to communicate" on both sides. I'm in the middle of a local example right now over formation of an ambulance district. It's almost as if the two sides are speaking different languages. Ditto "there."


On a personal note, I had a bit of a question on Epi dealers and "stuff" (not very complimentary) that was answered quite quickly and with genuine concern and courtesy by the Epi division head. Of course, I didn't start my side of the conversation questioning personal integrity of those involved in the retail channel starting at corporate so... perhaps that made communication a bit more pleasant.


It also hit me that regardless the problems Gibson had with the Nashville flood, the factory, the transportation channels, the workers' personal and job challenges - even HenryJ's own home and very personal guitars - virtually nobody seemed to care. I thought that sad given the way "we" so often come together as guitar players at times of forum members' troubles...


Frankly I thought the whole thing was sad.



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