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Happy New Guitar Day To Me


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After 6 months of waiting I just got back my new Gibby's, a J-45 Custom & new 1961 Reissue SG. I'd forgotten what they looked like as I'd had them for just almost a month when I sent them off for some setup work & a warranty buff job on the SG.


The J-45 plays easy as pie, big deal for me as my thumb joints are starting to show some wear & tear. Sounds MUCH better than when it left me too. Wood must have aged more. Both Beautiful & both play & sound great. Will have to shoot some photo's when my dark living room has some morning sunlight. The reason for the delay is they just made some errors with communication between the staff and didn't know what was going on. No big deal as I've had plenty of others to play. It's good to have them back. They've had them 5x longer than I had them. :rolleyes:


Can't complain about the quality of the setups & fret work for sure. Really happy.



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