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Is this G400 1966 Limited Edition real?


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I really don't question it, I just received it yesterday, just I'd rather be safe than sorry and things like this get to me if I don't really confirm it haha. Anyways, I just received this guitar yesterday:








The serial checks out to be made in Korea in 2009.


I haven't had a chance to get the control cavity pictures or anything, although it looks 100% fine (one of the best finishes on an import guitars control cavity I've seen to date, no rough edges/etc)


More just being on the safe side and making sure everything checks out!


(by the way, the flag on the picture of the guitar in the case was a vinyl sticker the seller had on it)

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If possible, it would help to have a pic that showed the guitar straight on. All the pics are taken at an angle and it makes it difficult to see certain things, such as knob alignment, etc... :)

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