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  1. 1 = covered pickups 3 = uncovered pickups
  2. In regards to Gibson OEM factory cases.... People think I'm crazy about this but when it comes to SG cases some work and some don't based on how shallow or steep the neck angle is on the particular SG. I have a 2012 SG Standard '60 GC Exclusive in Honeyburst and a 2011 SG Standard Ltd. in Natural burst and both have steep neck angles. When I tried to fit them in the factory cases of a 2017 and a 2018 SG Standards with shallower neck angles they did't work due to the height of the neck rests and the pads underneath the body. Talented tinkerers can take apart the neck rests and make adjustments but not everyone has that ability or supplies. I'm willing to bet your 2004 has a steeper neck angle like mine so you will probably want to avoid more recent factory cases as they seem to have shallow angles. Just a thought.
  3. I have a 2011 SG Standard Ltd. (right) and a 2012 SG Standard '60 GC (left). Neither have any dead spots anywhere. After reading about all the others with that issue I am thankful I got lucky with these.
  4. I put the Pinnacle Machined Steel Nashville on both of my SG Standards. Notching and spacing were perfect. I don't know about increased sustain but I'd say they ring out a bit stronger than the ZAMAK. I wish I had tried the Bell Brass version on one of them to see if there is any difference. I love the fact that the saddles are adjusted by an allen wrench versus a phillips or flat head. I know I definitely will never have bridge collapse with the machined billet of steel construction.
  5. Looks like an early Robot SG. Yours is missing the original Robot tailpiece and the tuners are different than these.
  6. I saw that ebony offering at a Guitar Center around that time. It had a slim taper neck and ebony fretboard. They probably made fewer in that color than the white and there was also a silverburst. They existed even though websites and reviews make no mention.
  7. The finish is known as Natural Burst and the model is called the SG Standard Limited which featured the torrified maple board. I have the same one and it was signed off in December 2011.
  8. They have been using them off and on for at least a decade. My 2011 SG Standard Limited came in a black one with the white lining. Weighs about twice as much as the TKL version and much more durable however it has the same latches as the TKL.
  9. https://www.thegearpage.net/board/index.php?threads/one-of-the-old-p90-guys-here-what-about-p90s-on-a-12-string.630433/
  10. Yes, except for certain years when they had batches made by a contractor in Costa Rica. I have one of those that came with my 2011 SG Standard Ltd. It weighs twice as much as the Canadian versions and seems twice as sturdy. I think it's a 7 ply shell versus the regular 5 ply. I have read that the Canadian cases are made by TKL.
  11. I would write up a good statement of your situation and hound Gibson Customer Service until they send you a suitable replacement. You shell out the bucks for a Les Paul Standard it should come with a case that represents that level of spending. Include pictures of the flaws.
  12. I've had two of the 2012 SG Standard Limited, well the one I have now is the first batch of them made in December of 2011. They both have the rounded profile. Not quite baseball bat rounded like an early to mid 2000's SG Special Gloss, but definitely meatier than the slim tapers. They feel great for both chordal and lead work. These all have the torrified maple board . There was also a 2012 SG Standard (not marked Limited) that had the two layer rosewood board. I can't vouch for what the profile is on those but I haven't seen many .
  13. I have the initial run of these. SG Standard Limited. Mine was made in December of 2011. They all have the 490R/498T pickups. A few pics with closeup of the maple board which is a great feature.
  14. Hmmm... no unwanted sympathetic noise with my particular Guild. None whatsoever.
  15. The tension feels markedly different between my 1993 Guild S100 and my SG's. Weird world or not it feels very different and it plays circles around my SG's. But maybe the difference has to do with the neck having no angle versus my SG's having the steep neck set angle? IDK im not an engineer or physics professor.
  16. Not all batwing Standards have the bigger rounded neck. Some have slim taper's of various types. My 2012 Standard 60-GC has a 60's style slim taper. This one is dubbed Honeyburst but there is no burst about it. It's a uniform honey amber. It also sports a one piece body.
  17. Thanks! Now only if they played as well as the Guild! They play great but the Guild has a sleeker feel in the fretwork.
  18. Yes I have both. The guitar center model has the slim taper neck with rosewood board while the standard limited has the rounded profile with the baked maple board. The guitar center model is called the SG Standard 60. Mine is in the middle and is a one piece slab of lightly flamed mahogany. My Standard 60 was a 2012 near the end of the run. They were offered in Honey Burst, The dark Antique/Vintage cherry, and a few whites. Not many were made. No more than a few hundred in each color. The Standard 60 was offered in Honey burst while the Standard Limited was in Natural burst. The honey bursts I have seen vary greatly and on mine there seems to be no burst but just a solid gorgeous honey amber. I took out the coil tap wiring as I'm strictly a humbucker guy and replaced the burstbuckers with SD 2 and 4.
  19. The 1 at the end indicates which run it was. I have one with a 3 which was the 3rd run of a GC exclusive. It has nothing to do with being a 1st or 2nd quality instrument.
  20. You can ONLY get a clean blues sound with a 1990's and early 2000's Guild Bluesbird. That's the only guitar in the land that can do it.
  21. I know the one in question in sunburst above that Wildwood had up was not part of a run made for them. I was thinking of buying it and they told me it was an on consignment instrument for a customer. It was brought in to the store and not purchased there.
  22. Byrdland https://www.google.com/search?q=gibson+byrdland&rlz=1CAHJUL_enUS825&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjEzZrh4tjiAhXRmOAKHZGCCl0Q_AUIESgC&biw=1366&bih=609
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