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  1. Hmmm... no unwanted sympathetic noise with my particular Guild. None whatsoever.
  2. The tension feels markedly different between my 1993 Guild S100 and my SG's. Weird world or not it feels very different and it plays circles around my SG's. But maybe the difference has to do with the neck having no angle versus my SG's having the steep neck set angle? IDK im not an engineer or physics professor.
  3. Not all batwing Standards have the bigger rounded neck. Some have slim taper's of various types. My 2012 Standard 60-GC has a 60's style slim taper. This one is dubbed Honeyburst but there is no burst about it. It's a uniform honey amber. It also sports a one piece body.
  4. Thanks! Now only if they played as well as the Guild! They play great but the Guild has a sleeker feel in the fretwork.
  5. Yes I have both. The guitar center model has the slim taper neck with rosewood board while the standard limited has the rounded profile with the baked maple board. The guitar center model is called the SG Standard 60. Mine is in the middle and is a one piece slab of lightly flamed mahogany. My Standard 60 was a 2012 near the end of the run. They were offered in Honey Burst, The dark Antique/Vintage cherry, and a few whites. Not many were made. No more than a few hundred in each color. The Standard 60 was offered in Honey burst while the Standard Limited was in Natural burst. The honey bursts I have seen vary greatly and on mine there seems to be no burst but just a solid gorgeous honey amber. I took out the coil tap wiring as I'm strictly a humbucker guy and replaced the burstbuckers with SD 2 and 4.
  6. The 1 at the end indicates which run it was. I have one with a 3 which was the 3rd run of a GC exclusive. It has nothing to do with being a 1st or 2nd quality instrument.
  7. You can ONLY get a clean blues sound with a 1990's and early 2000's Guild Bluesbird. That's the only guitar in the land that can do it.
  8. I know the one in question in sunburst above that Wildwood had up was not part of a run made for them. I was thinking of buying it and they told me it was an on consignment instrument for a customer. It was brought in to the store and not purchased there.
  9. Byrdland https://www.google.com/search?q=gibson+byrdland&rlz=1CAHJUL_enUS825&source=lnms&tbm=isch&sa=X&ved=0ahUKEwjEzZrh4tjiAhXRmOAKHZGCCl0Q_AUIESgC&biw=1366&bih=609
  10. Yours has the Nashville bridge which has thicker posts allowing for the allen key hole. The CME models have the inferior ABR-1 bridge with thinner posts . ABR-1's are all the rage with purists though
  11. Raise the tailpiece as it was intended. Your problem will be solved.
  12. This Tradition exclusive has no weight relief. It's a beast. My link
  13. Generally all the humbuckers on the SG's with the full pickguard are at a slight angle and not parallel with the strings. Some people correct this either by installing humbucker rings on top of the pickguard or adding foam underneath the pickups. I'm not sure why Gibson has not addressed this as it seems, especially with the treble pickup, like less surface area is under the strings. This is one of the reasons I now prefer the SG's with the small pickguard and pickup rings...the pickups on those are parallel to the stings.
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