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I exchange my new flawed finish Classic Custom, and the new one has "situation"also

I left a post here a couple weeks ago about my new CC goldtop with an air bubble in the finish. Intolerable. Guitar Center took it back nicely, ordered me a new one and here it is below. (all the white spots are lights in the room.)


It has a 3 inch black line running across the grain (not with the grain), and it looks like magic marker, and it is UNDER the finish. I see other dark lines, but they're not as distinct, don't look the same up close and run WITH the grain, and obviously ARE the grain.


What do you guys think this looks like? I am a little concerned with these guitars. I love them but whoa, 2 in a row???


If this is an imperfection in the wood, I don't care.....UNLESS it denotes a weak spot/line that could someday crack, or unless it hurts resale value, which is almost surely would.


I'll write another post later on what other guitar I should perhaps buy, but for now look at this, will you?

Click the pictures to enlarge the photos.


Thank you guys. :)





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