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This game is called "Where are they now", who first posted this?[confused]


So the wife and I head out to Guitar Center yesterday to check out this American Mahogany Special Strat that only they carry. I have been looking at it for months... and in fact, it was in the running when I decided to get my LP. But, here is the deal... It had been selling for $999 at GC.com and MF as late as Friday. Yesterday morning, it is listed on both sites for $1199. Well... we'll see if they even have one at all when we get there. So, sure enough, hanging up on the very top row is this Strat. They had to go get the "stairway to heaven" to get it down. So I plug it into a Blues Jr., hit the neck pup and play. Wow... even with the half dozen or so other guitarists playing, this thing sings out. I rest my pinkie on the pick guard and can feel the vibrations as I play. Just amazing tone off this guitar. And sure enough, the tag says $1199. Crap. It's not really a question of the extra money... but I like to feel I am getting a deal.


Enter Tony. Understand, there are LOTS of other folks playing/shopping for guitars... and frankly I am not dressed all that well, but he comes up to me and asks if I am trying out the amp or the guitar... and would I like to step into the private room so I could hear better. All those folks, and I get to go into "the room". Tony plugs me into an old Fender blackface Twin Reverb. Of course, this was a shrewd sales tactic, as they sounded like they were made for eachother. BEAUTIFUL tone. I dialed in several tones and could get a range from country twang to an awesome warm bluesy tone. Well ok then... I'm sold. I ask Tony "If I was gonna buy this guitar today, what could I get it for?"

Naturally, he responds that the new policy is low price matching, so the sticker would be the best he could do. I explained to him about having watched this guitar for months.... and the price hike THAT day. Well... he tried to make it right in several ways, but I told him it was a dang shame I wasn't gonna be able to get that guitar then. He basically ended up coming back and telling me the Manager was gone to lunch, he and his colleagues had decided that my story was good enough for them, and they would honor the $999 price. No, I am not kidding. I met with Dave, the manager, before I left, and he told me it was fine with him, too, as long as I was happy....


+100 Guitar Center, Tony and Dave for doing the right thing!




The Guitar:


Mahogany body and a thin neck... not as thin as my '60s neck, but thinner than the V neck on my Elite. The volume knob has the S1 switch which REALLY adds warmth to the tone. The action is not as low as the Les Paul, but not bad at all for off the wall. Tone? Close your eyes and imagine that Clapton Strat sound.... heck... close your eyes and imagine darn near ANY Strat sound... it is incredible. The whammy bar hasn't pulled out of tune so far, but I haven't really been dive bombing either. I LOVE the locking tremolo system.... lets you tune normally... no hex nuts or "fine tuning". OK... that's it for now... here is the porn :

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