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490 v Burstbucker pro


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The burstbucker has a real nice vintage sound to it, while the Gibson pickups with 3 digit names are good, but not spectacular.

I think getting the cheaper guitar and then buying a nice set of pickups on ebay might be cheaper over all. so use other factors to decide which guitar to get than the pickups.


I have a studio that I put burstbuckers in and it sounds phenomenal.

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Burstbucker Pros have an Alnico 5 magnet, they brighter when clean and crunchier when overdriven.


Burstbuckers 1,2 and 3 have Alnico 2 magnets, less gain, mellower sound softer clipping when overdriven.


Same applies to the 490T. One is no better than the other, for a mellower blues sound I would go Alnico 2 magnets.

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