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1978 L6-S


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Hard to believe now, but it was something lots did back then. I don't recall any factory brass anythings, nuts, headplates, big honkin bridges. We went out and bought that stuff and put it on guitars thinkin that BAM! it would sound great.


It didn't.



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Yeah, the brass bridge and nut was a "thing" in the late 70's till maybe the mid '80's. Supposed to increase sustain and tone. Never got one, so I don't know if there was much difference. Today, of course there are maybe a half million aftermarket "improvements" you can add to your guitar to improve the sustain and tone, change the color of the inlays, knobs, pups, controls, wiring caps, etc...all of which decrease the resale value of your guitar and may not really make much difference in actual sound...that is called 'Progress"...






ADDED: I think some Travis Bean guitars came with a brass nut, but you will likely never see one...Some old US made Peaveys came with an aluminum nut. I have 2 of them and they both sound great...

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