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Bought of of these just a cheap guitar to keep around the house on a stand or take to friends etc.. and well impressed,


built well, holds tune, intonates and doesnt sound half bad either, obviously nothing like the Gibson SG61 RI I have as well but for the price paid a great little guitar !

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The SG Jr and LP Jr are both pretty decent guitars for the money, in my opinion.

The hardware isn't the best, but for what you can pick up a used one for it

leaves room to invest in tuners etc.

I have 2 LP Jr's, one is an alder/maple plywood body and the other is a solid mahogany body.

They sound slightly different, I think the plywood unit is slightly brighter sounding.

The plywood Jr I gave $50 for and the mahogany one I bought new at GC for $118.

BUT I had to change out the stop bar for a Bad-*** tailpiece because of intonation problems.

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indeed mine plays fine and intonates well, allthough as yous say the tuners look quite cheap.


what i do find strange though is not having a pickup selector switch keep looking for one when solos come up etc !

I've got an Epiphone Les Paul Jr (Single cut in Alpine White) and a Gibson Les Paul Jr (Billie Joe Armstrong Double Cutaway in TV Yellow).

In my opinion, the Epiphone's actually a little easier to play. Sure it's made a lot cheaper (I bought it for 1/12 what I paid for my other Junior), but it's a really good guitar. Especially for only costing $100. The tuner's are cheap, but that's any easy fix. It does hold tune pretty well though and the neck is smooth and pretty fast. I really enjoy it.


The reason I brought that up is because I've also played the SG Junior (though I don't own one) and it's a lot like my Les Paul. Hold's tune amazingly well for such a "cheap" guitar, plays fast and smooth, incredibly light weight (even though SG's are genuinely lighter guitars anyways, I noticed the one I used was a lighter than any other SG I've played). You're getting a lot more bang for your buck with it. Very impressive little beast! I'm considering picking one up after I purchase an Epiphone Dot.


I think they days of extremely cheap guitars being "low quality" are coming to a close. There's so much competition out there they have to step up their game and build better quality instruments (even if it's designed for a beginner).


But then again the guitar doesn't make the guitarist, the guitarist makes the guitar.

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