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As there are a bunch of quite heavy Zep fans here, I just thought you'ld like to see the headstock of the new Martin D-28 Marquis Led Zeppelin 40th Anniversary.

Take it as an appetizer for the rest of the guitar, which is pretty much as a HD-28V with wider – ¾ instead of 11/16 – nut width.


And notice the logo - New, but kinda oldie. I like it much more than the golden ones that rise in relief.


Is this ghost carrying a lamp, , , MartinD-28Marquis40th2_zps8bd09957.jpg or a bottle of booze. . . .



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That aint no Ghost Em7


thats The Old Man of the Mountain... holding the Light for us to find our way [biggrin]


Just watched the Lord of the Rings Trilogy ..for only the second time.. what a film ..and what a story


Huge influence.. I should say inspiration... on Messrs Page Plant Bonham n Jones.. as we know.


I love that head stock inlay.. but don't really like look of guitar in general..... those Led Zep 4 inlays on the board are a no no for me... Led Zepplin fan..and all

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Don't the marketing guys with the big guitar companies ever sleep? While I am sure this is a nice Martin, if there is an acoustic associated with Page it is the Harmony Sovereign. This is the guitar Page used to write songs up to the fifth LP and recorded "Stairway" and the third LP with and then took on tour. So if you want a guitar to conjure up Zep, go buy yourself a Harmony H1260 and save yourself a bundle in the process.

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