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  1. Hey fellas, thanks for kind best wishes. All good here, just needing some cash and the HB TV isn't getting hardly used. Stll got the J35 but my voice is going and I need something a lil mellower I think. have'nt had no feedback on the guard or anything yet E-minor 7, I am also wondering how that will go. Will let you know how it goes. Cheers
  2. Hey all, been a long time so sorry for jumping in here, but seeing as some people know me I just wanted to let anyone who is interested know I'm selling My Hummingbird TV. Listing is in the Trading Post so if your interested have a look. All the best.
  3. haha it seems to have disappeared again for now...havent restrung as of yet..but will have alook at the pup when she has no string on. i tell what tho...i got a cheap hydrometer... and at present its reading 63 RH... not good really... had a new heating sysytem fitted in house.. just finished yesterday..and hdro out today..so hopefully it will drop... but the J35 doesnt like these changes in temp and humidity it seems .
  4. Having problems with the J35 lately. Since restring couple of weeks ago Im getting unwanted buzzing noises coming from sound hole..seems like near bridge inside. first it was a very bad case with the low E... I restrung and it disappeared only to return again... I am guessing it is something to do with the installed pup i restrung again...and had to move one of the wires around inside..something i do not like doing...a wire is held to the actual top of the guitar with a metal clip..really near the bridge... moving this slightly (the wire only) alleviated the problem Now Im getting
  5. Aye im around..just not much happening here of late eh ! had to laff how the the thread went from wheres Del. to economics and crack..haha.. that more like it like
  6. beauty FB can you believe I'd never heard this song !..thanks for that..you sang it very well indeed.
  7. Hi Ponty, your first pic the action looks to be below 4/32... around 7/64" which is the Gibson recommended /factory spec as we know. Your second pic it then looks over 5/32"... it may help to place the rule on the 11th and 12th frets to get an accurate reading..as even from the pics it looks like you are not getting an even reading with the rule. Also it looks like the rule you are using to do the flat edge along the finger board test...is not 25/27 inches long ?..You need to have a flat edge placed along the full neck/fingerboard to get an accurate reading as tro where it is lined
  8. Good job groove..and good walk through Hogeye mentioned this is basicaly how they paint the guards at the factory... people wanting to keep the designs intact, this looks like the way to go. Will be interesting to see if the new paint last longer than the old... !
  9. Aha...owld PM on the rampage again...always one to stir the pot...actually a bit welcome as the board as been dead as a Nazi plank of wood for ages. I agree with some of what ya say PM..they can and do build and call em what they want..... but you first start off saying you agree they should get it right..then go off on one...all mental like haha You must admit..JT and this dealer who came up with the idea for the project and custom order ,sound like they have been treated very shoddily. Business is business but that would definitely leave me with a bad taste... it would have been
  10. It seems the suits at Gibson have acted appallingly in this project. The work yourself and others do and have done to keep Gibsons history documented and alive, and this project in particular, you deserve to be treated with more respect surely. To simply stop communication is disgraceful. I think you deserve some recognition and thanks for helping in making these guitars available again JT. Good luck with your on going projects.
  11. thanks all for encouraging words n vids/songs hats off Eminor7 always a treat to hear sounds from you gettin out the dumps now :)
  12. Good on ya's folks..appreciated but feck tyhis... im going the pub x
  13. Well...the board has been very dead somewhat no ? Thios topic comes up often enough...I'm sorry to say..I have lost my mojo :) we all go thru it don't we...i had a good old run there..felt and did really progress in my p-laying The J35 is a joy... but i have hit the wall...ups n downs u know... playing the same owld palaver anyone with some inspiring guitar stories...vids..sound samp[les? its Saturday morn..pisssin down with rain...wine is flowing freely ... there must be some life somewhere ..heh heeh oh..thinking of gettin some new strings
  14. I'd assume you would take it to an authorized Gibson repair shop..there are many in the UK I believe..surely one near Liverpool ? I would hope your warranty would cover this..even your standard warranty from the store where you bought it ?? I have not heard many issues like this come up on this board... in fact i have never heard of one nut being out of line..so its obviously a fault... you are covered for this surely.
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