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Epi S-310 Restoration


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Continuing with my love of the S series Epis, I bought an abused white S-310 off ebay. It looked like it needed some TLC.








With the bridge missing I was concerened chasing parts but took the dive.


I deciced to make it a hard tail. I bought a really battered silver S310 just to ge the bridge plate and 5 mm pivot screws. I used Tusk replacement saddles 2 1/16" spacing. A GFS brass block added a lot of sustain to it.



For the bridge and middle pickups I purchased custom wound '59 Chavalier pickups.




They are great!!!!!!!


For the neck pickup I used an Artec mini humbucker Alnico V 8.5k.


I had Terapin guitars make a custom pailsley pick guard and a new truss rod cover engraved S-310.










I added a bone nut.









Overall I am very happy with it and enjoy playing it!

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I'd say it's been screwed down all the way so it can't move.


And it looks nice. How many of these have you modded now?


Thanks!. Yes the bridge is screwed down flush. Easier than filling the wood!


How many? Well, the wife says too many!!! With the hockey stick headstock I've done two so far: red, white,. I have a black one and a silver one to do next.


With a batwing headstock I've done the yellow one and I have a seafoam green and a sunburst to do. That makes a total of seven as I count them.


The silver one is up next. John at Terapin has the pickguard & truss cover to copy. It will be a H H setup.


After Silver is done then the sea foam green is up. I have the pickups for it allready: P90 at the bridge, Seymour Duncan Cool Rails center, and an Artec Filterton for for the neck.



Meanwhile I bought a black Epi Rock bass with the hockey stick headstock (still looking for a red one). It's getting a set of Seymour Duncan BassLines Jazz Quarter Pounders pups and a Terrapin pickguard.


Here's the Rock Bass eBay pic:





Red S-300




Hula girl:




Yellow Fat-310





As I finish each one of my S guitars I'll post pictures.

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