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Unusual SG Model

John Rutherford

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Looks like my 72 SG-I. I got mine from Guitar Center for $450, cool guitar for the money and all hardware and electronics are still stock, although it's been refinished in black. It's worth noting that this has the Norlin-era 14 degree headstock angle, rather than the standard 17 degree pitch, which I think makes the string tension feel different (I had to slightly deepen the high E slot in the nut, it would occasionally pop out when doing certain bends. Not to mention with that angle, I'd look down and think I was playing a Tele for a second. The neck sits considerably higher off the body than on most SGs, not really an issue but it is different. The neck is on the thick side but still playable, similar to a 50s profile, quite a contrast to the 73 Standard I'm buying which has a very thin 60s style neck. The single mini-humbucker is OK but a bit underpowered compared to most modern hi-output pickups. And the slab body is pretty light, making it a little neck-heavy.

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