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I briefly thought about getting a JVM 410... but I think all those knobs and doo dads are useless. (That's right' date=' I said it!) I mean, 12 channels- come on! 2 is all I need, so I'll be happy once I (or, at this rate, if I ever) get my DSL-100.[/quote']

It has 4 channels moron.


Before you spew tardedness in public get your facts straight..



Valve amplification guitar head

100 watts

5xECC 83 + 4xEL 34 bulbs

4 channels

3 modes for each channel

3 bands EQ independant for each channel

Independant gain and volume for each channel

Independant reverb for each channel

2 master volumes

Silent recording XLR output

Effect loop

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Hey oil, it's all good.


I'm gigging a Mesa Blue Angel. Have been for a few years. Look it up. 5 knobs. No master.


Although, it has a few tube tricks. It'll do 18 watts Class A with 2;6V6's, or 30 watts Class A with 4; EL84's, or 38 watts Class A with all 6 power tubes combined. 1;12 Celestion V30 sitting on a flight case.


It'll hang anywhere. Mic it.


I love a non master combo. That's what rock is made from. Guess what amp recorded "Cat Scratch Fever".?



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