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Stolen Gear Miami Area,


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Oh man,,, that opens an old wound.



I have had many guitars in my years. Some I have even forgot I owned.

But I had a 69 custom black beauty stolen from me in the 90's.

And it still hurts to think about it.

(I'm holding it in my profile pic)


And I'm not talking about the value of it. I loved how it played.

I loved the fretless wonder feel. I'm thinking of re-fretting my current CC to those frets.

(maybe I will ask about opinions of that on a separate thread)


I paid $450 for it back in the early 80's. And I don't know how many thousands I would be able to get for it today, but the point is, if I still had it, I would not sell it.

That one was always special.


So believe me when I say,, If I could "help a brother", I would.

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