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They don't...and kinda what Searcy is 'also' sayin, is that the switch is a single-ended part of the circuit....that means one wire. It just takes the signal from a single wire and moves it between other single wires.


As you noted, on a Gibson type pup with the shielded wire, the ground or shield is ALSO the other part of the circuit, as it is the (-) wire.


So, in a 'traditional' Gibson wiring where all the wire is the wire that is a single wire with the shield around it...dig: the wire from the jack uses the shield as the (-) and goes toward the switch, then the center wire is attached to the switch. The shield wire is then soldered to the other 2 shield wires that return to the pots. So, in THAT type, the shields at minimum must be connected together because the shield IS the (-).


In the above type, the grounds just happen to be soldered to the base of the switch as well. The base of the switch doesn't do anything.


The other type of wiring Gibson uses, they use a 4 conductor wire with a shield around it. The shield around that does not need to be connected, as the wires carry the signal and the shield does not.

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Great, looks like I have all the stuff to complete the wiring on my Gretsch then.


I do have one last question.


I bought a push/pull volume control for this guitar, just for kicks I figure I would use it for something to add a different tone to the guitar, I am thinking series/parallel.


Can this be achieved with two-wire pickups?

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Cool, I figure if I was going to mod this guitar I would add a few extra features.


I am also adding a treble bleed since I like how it works on my Squier 51.


Does parallel wiring sound good? does it come into play when one pickup is on?


Does the impedance or output become an issue on parallel? lower output or anything like that?


Filtertrons read like 4.5kohms,

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Sure. You can do the two pickup in series parallel with each other.


Hey Clint I could not find a wiring diagram on the Seymour Duncan website, there are two that are close but the one with a push/pull switch uses 4-wire humbckers and seems to be for splitting coils.


This is the one that is closest but where I need help is on how to wire the switch for series/parallel.



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Ok Clint, I am planning to get to this over the weekend.


After looking at the wiring diagrams I have a couple of questions


How do I connect the tone pots? does the pickup lead got to their corresponding pots and then to the 3-way switch and the to the push/pull switch?

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