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Why do people think rock is dead?


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There are so many categories of ROCK, it is about impossible for it to die. Crud...Chuck Berry style Rock and Roll is STILL loved by many. Fun music to play and dance to. Remember when people actually danced? [laugh]


I am glad some of the teens are listening to the pioneers of rock on the classic radio stations. The new music being created today, just will not stand the test of time, like the stuff we older musicians grew up with. Music died after Guns and Roses in my opinion. We are all stuck on Classic rock because it is the BEST!


You may have a future yet young grass-hopper.......


The Who and the Stone's among other's said it was dead or dieing but they are still (for the moment) out there selling out stadium's in there 70's so it's not dead. Never will be, it just change's it's way's and shows it's sometimes ugly little face back up.

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The new music being created today, just will not stand the test of time, like the stuff we older musicians grew up with.



Yes it will. It's all relative.


When I use the word "classic" I use it relative to my life experience. What I listened to when I was young.

And when I say young I mean in my 20s after my musical tastes had matured.


So for me classic is just as much Jimi as it is King Crimson of 1984. As it relates to my personal experience.


The kids today who are searching out new music they like, will consider this music "classic" when they are 50.

And perhaps they may still be listening to it at which point it will be 30 plus years old.


I hated the 80's yet I would say much of that music is standing the test of time just fine.

I had to search hard to find music I liked back then and is why I used King Crimson as my example. Not exactly getting much air play at the time.

But I found it. For me today, I consider that classic stuff.

And I still love it.


So I do think there is good music being made out there. You just gotta find it.

And there is nothing stopping it from standing the test of time.


No there will never be another 50s, or 60s or 70s.

But there will always be good music somewhere, somehow. The 80's for me proved that,lol.. Sorry to all the 80's lovers out there.

But you all probably hate what I like so were even... [flapper]



It's all relative.

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