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Slight bellying on top of 1955 gibson lg3

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Hi , just aquired a 1955 gibson lg 3 flat top , there is some bellying of the top behind the bridge ... And more so on the bass side ... Assume thats due to tension ...


I have read some bellying is normal on vintage instruments .... And its not too bad in my mind , but is noticable however the action is comfortably playable


also my tech checked for loose braces and nothing seemed loose , so what can i do to help or cure this .... My tech seemed to think humidifying would help ... And that has been done as the guitar was not well looked after by previous owner so doubt it was ever humidified ....


So what should i do .... I'd prefer it not getting worse ... As the rest of the guitar is in good shape and neck is good and not yet in need of a reset ....


More concerned than worried .... What advice ....


Ps of course i'm keeping the string gauge down at moment it has bronze 10 - 50 on it but waiting for my order of "silk and steel" 11 - 47 d'addarios to arrive which i believe have a low tension


thanks keira

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plenty of humidity and laying off the snacks will help with maintaining those bellies.


I'd suggest getting a good in-case humidifier, preferably a planet waves Humidipak since you can just throw em in and forget about them for a few months. As long as there's no separation between the bridge and top, I wouldn't be too worried as long as you maintain humidity.




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