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ON A LIGHTER NOTE ... there's nasty things called mosiquitoes that businesses can attach outside when there's teenagers hanging around. the mosquitoe device delivers high frequencies that bother young people's ears, like a dog whistle, which adults don't often hear. if that fails and you want teenage noise maker's gone, hold a barry manilow marathon.

Safe to say regular families retire after eleven o'clock in the evening. Last call in the bar is about two a.m. IF YOU ARE WAKING THE DEAD AT THREE IN THE MORNING BUDDY, YOU'RE TOO LOUD!!!

Funny story about annoying noise, the condo across from mine has about two strips of lawn to mow, that's it: up and down with a lawn mower and it's done. The condo hires a professional landscaper to do the maintainance and he brings in the heavy duty mower and the gas powered trimmer, the kind you'd do a golf course with, to do two strips of lawn! Duh!



You mentioning those high frequency mosquito sounds from outside reminds me of when I was at school. We used to put the noise on our phone and annoy people with it in class, and because the teacher couldn't hear it no one ever got in trouble. We did have a supply teacher who was in her late 60's who could actually hear the noise, we managed to convince her that it was the printers and she got the tech guys to try fix them even though they were working fine. Just goes to show you do have the odd person with excellent hearing.

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In my experience, poeple are only jerks when they think they have the upper hand. Sometimes you need the threat of war to convince someone to sue for peace. So if one can gain the upper hand, it helps them to want to be "reasonable".


They really want to come to the negotiating table, they just don't know it sometimes. You want to HELP your neighbors.


the court date solved the problem for about a year or so, then one day out of the blue, the "visit" came once again, about 6:00 pm. as I recall.


I saved the document the court had us write and sign before we left the hearing. (my end, nothing after 8:30 pm. her part was she would stop calling the PD.)


The officer that came read it, rolled his eyes and said. "sorry sir, we'll take care of it"


That ended it. so yea Stein you're in a way right, the negotiations eventually worked, I guess she forgot about it after a few months...


but ya know, this story has an addendum that I left out - the house she moved to was in a far more rural area.


The person who used to cut my hair, is who lived there after the witch left, she also cut the hair of her fiance' (by now I'd guess husband, not a bad guy, even on occasions would apologize for her behavior).


So their NEW next door neighbor had 4+ acres of land, also had three teen age boys, with dirt bikes, ATVs and snow mobiles.


She basically moved out of the frying pan, and jumped into the fire! The cops had a new place to "visit"


As long as it wasn't me..... [thumbup]

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