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  1. I saw him a few years ago with Danny Kalb & Steve Katz. He passed by me walking to the stage & commented on me taking pictures with a nice vintage camera. Craig
  2. Just saw Peter Frampton. Great show. Played the FCA LPC for a good part of the show. 2 other black LPC's, an R9 (I think, 2 different 335's, an SG, a Strat & some Gibson & Martin acoustics. Craig
  3. Vintage Guitar is the only one I still read. Craig
  4. Sticky Bad Boy Rivers - I like it Craig
  5. Tree music. Cool if I believe it. Craig
  6. I don't know how to post you tube video's but if they have the Soul Of A Man video or the studio version of "Two Trains Running", I highly recommend them. Craig
  7. No it's not. "You're Mother Should Know" is the worst Beatle song ever. Craig
  8. Motorhead Sherwood passed away last week. Craig
  9. I always thought that it was Yosemite Sam on La Grange, Craig
  10. The Eagles Grateful Dead Van Halen Black Sabbath Guns 'N Roses Kiss Craig
  11. The early stuff is much better. Craig
  12. Nice but it sounds like Bob Dylan singing. Craig
  13. George & a Les Paul made beautiful music. Craig
  14. The NBA hasn't been the same since they destroyed the game by adding the 3 point shot. Since then I can count the number of games I've seen on 1 hand. Craig
  15. Only a Gibson is good enough. Craig
  16. Too bad Clapton's best tones were with Gibson's & Marshall's. Craig
  17. I once read that it was rented & Eric requested a 50's model but they didn't have any, so he played a 60's model. Craig
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