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  1. When you play the Barre Chords 'G' 'A' 'F' and then go to the Open 'A', did you ever consider playing the Barred 'A' instead? why/why not(changing to Am is just as easy that way) ? I was too far away to see how Knopfler played it........did you use Tab of Traditional sheet music ? or figure it out by ear ? I saw Knopfler w/Straits play this on a Les Paul....this song and 'Solid Rock' were phenomenal, but the rest of the set put me to sleep, truly bored the ssss$#!T out of me.
  2. Good manners and politeness ? PPPFFFFFF......who u think u kiddin'? besides yourself?
  3. Check out what GROVER has on offer. that 2019 has BurstBucker 2 & 3 in it? or the ol' Dirty Fingers ? the Explorer's I have gone thru were probably among the guitars that I have owned that stayed in tune best. so I am surprised to hear this.I always figured they stayed in tune excellently because of the GROVER Mini-Rotomatics that are on it from the factory, The Mini-Groverst is what is on that axe, yes?
  4. IF IF IF you used a credit card to buy the Les Paul, and the dealer will not give you a refund....just call the credit card company and tell them you were sold damaged goods. You will get a refund. Funny how using someone else's money gets results. When I decided to put the Pick-Guard on my Lester, I made sure I drilled into the body, underneath the binding on the side of the guitar, and I attached a 2 CM piece of felt that had adhesive on the side that attached to the NUT(so it would stay in place) and there is about 2 CM space between the felt and the body/cap of the Guitar. it sucks that you will have to send the axe back, but getting one with no dents/dings etc is a must ! For the cash GIBSON is getting for these guitars it should be damn near perfect. Nothing ever is perfect, but 99% perfect is getting your monies worth when it comes to these new GIBSON's.
  5. I have never seen one of these, a Neck Thru, Single neck 'SG' 12 String. It surely is Beautiful, but does the neck dive ? That would be my only concern. What is the price tag on that axe ?
  6. Yes, GIBSON is back, although IMO that has been since 2016. But at least, now, Senor Henry J. is gone and with that, the chance of screwing things up now seem less likely. Since 2016 I have averaged a few new GIBSON STANDARDS/YEAR, and all of them are EXCELLENT Guitars. the 2017 & 2019 'SG' & Les Paul Standards especially.
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