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  1. IDK for sure, but aside from the Wheat Bucket seems placed not quite low enough really....... it looks legit, but whatever you do .....get rid of thise ridiculous Volume/Tone knobs. Cheesy is not even the word for those things....the Sliver Top caps are the ticket for that there axe !
  2. WTF? Serve ? Who? What ? Where? You acting as if you are the proprietor of the forums here is pretty funny ('Sneak one by..." PPPFFFF...). but telling people what to do is even funnier. LOL, and you think I have meds problems ? Too funny........So ask for it you did ya no playin' idiot, that apparently thinks you know something..........and btw...... **** YOU ! Sparky?
  3. Who told you that? and mo' importantly, do you believe them ? You should not need to ask, with a headstock like that? LOL ! itssa POS ! AKA Firewood.
  4. Bro, whoever told you to use the DRYER SHEETS, just make note of who it is, and never consider anything that person say's as anything approaching good advice. GIBSON USA has stopped SHIELDING their Guitars, although I think some 2018 & 2019 USA Model's are being painted again. Until GIBSON USA starts SHIELDING their Guitars again, this problem is going to persist. You will hear a lot of things from a lot of people. BUT, I am telling you straight-up...the Guitar needs to be SHIELDED, unless there is an underlying problem/issue. If the Guitar is not defective electronically and is wired correctly & everything is the way it is supposed to be......... Just SHIELD the Guitar, buy some Copper-Shielding tape and get to work. Pick-Up Cavities/Runway's and Toggle-Switch Cavities and then Plug-In and see if the problem still persists. IF so, SHIELD the Control Pocket Assembly as well. A Faraday's Box should not be necessary. If you are not confident doing it yourself (there is not much to it really) it will cost less than $150 to fully SHIELD any Guitar, most likely less....$100....... IME, it has been the Toggle-Switch Cavity that needed to be SHIELDED, YMMV......
  5. During the last two STONES shows (Jax-Ville & Philly), and probably many before them, I have seen Keef playing what looks like an older Cherry Red (Antique Faded these days) ES-335 that has the Double-Cut Diamonds In-Lays in the Headstock signifying Gibson CUSTOM shop. Also it looks like he has hauled out the infamous late 50's Les Paul JR w/Fusion Bridge & P-90 from the Post Nell Cote Robbery Black & Blue sessions. During both shows Woody played a FIREBIRD V but I saw no tremolo arm and wondered the following:(this is aimed towards people who know, but feel free to guess. I know what I think!). I have looked at interviews w/DeBeauport & Rig Rundowns etc to try to find out, but came up nil. Was the ES Keef was playing an ES-335? or ES-355? is it a CUSTOM or One-Off? was there a different Neck/Headstock put on that Bad-Boy as I have yet to see an ES-335 (or 355 FTM) w/Double-Cut Diamond Headstock In-Lays or a One-Off CUSTOM made just for Keef ?Is the Les Paul JR. Keef is playing that same on from the 'CRAZY MOMMA' & 'HOT STUFF' videos from 1975 (it sure as shootin looks like it)....and Finally is Woddy's FIREBIRD equipped with a Tremolo Arm that I just could not see, (I was pretty close....) or is it a Dummy Tail-Piece ALA Derek Trucks 'SG' ? due to not being able to post pics on this web-site(WTF?) here is a link to a close-up picture of the ES in question, here: Well Hot Diggetty Dam Fam, the whole damn video popped up !
  6. U r the 2nd or 3rd person that thinks I am SumDum Jack, Wild Bill or some other name, ICR.....Lol, I don't 'SNEAK' anywhere, for any reason. Nor do I need to change my attitude for you..... or any other judgemental D-Bag. This includes when I am at your Momma's house gettin freeky. Insults are a two way street buddy. You wanna play Ziegumd/Anna Fraud and tell people what 'PLANE' you think someone else is on without knowing who, or what, you are referring to? Your asking for it, so expect the same......or worse !
  7. You are correct, BUT Brand (& Price) used to ensure that you would at least get a Guitar that doesn't POP and have static issue's as many USA Models do now!I have found that its the Toggle-Switch on more than a few USA Model's I've shielded. My comment was not about anything specific, as someone else seems to think, but a more general comment concerning the 'USA' line of Guitars.......I have heard (& seen) that GIBSON USA is now using shielding paint again on some , but not all(?) 'USA' models. A recent FIREBIRD T (not Studio POS) purchase shows no PC Board in the Control Pocket Assembly and the presence of Shielding Paint in the Pick-Up Cavities, but not in the Control Pocket or Runway under the Pick-Guard. Its sort of an improvement? If you have shielded a Guitar in the past, it will not be a problem to do so again. BUT, you should not have to do this, its GIBSON's frikkin job whether you paid $1,500 or $10,000 for your new Guitar.... you seem likely to not fall for the 'USE DRYER SHEETS', that silly-*** laughable retort GIBSON phone reps seem fond of. 'HUH? Dryer Sheets? Really?'...........
  8. If you are having problems, as I have had, with shielding issue's such as scratching the control cover when plugged in and having the sound come thru the speakers, yes? then you need to shield the Guitar I have found that since GIBSON USA has stopped using shielding paint these problems are commonplace. Starting with the Toggle Switch compartment (as on a Les Paul) and working my way to the Pick-Up Cavities, runways and to the Control Pocket, put Copper Shielding Tape on all wood surfaces. After completing, say, the Toggle-Switch cavity, plug in and see if the problem still exists, if so, keep going......and so on until the entire Guitar is shielded..... if necessary. A FARADAYS BOX is not always necessary to stop these really annoying issue's, Sometimes just taping the Toggle-Switch compartment is enough! But each guitar and environment is its own issue. I do know that WE the Customer are doing GIBSON USA's job for them...... for frikkin free. GIBSON USA might stop it if everyone sent the Guitar back for every static popping noise there is on these new Gibson USA Model's(since 2015 at least!). I have yet to have a shielding issue on a 'CUSTOM' or 'MEMPHIS' GIBSON because the GIBSON CUSTOM shop (and MEMPHIS Shop too) are still using SHIELDING PAINT in the manufacturing process and it is quite visible for anyone that wants to look for the Shielding Paint on a CUSTOM/MEMPHIS Guitar. BUT...not on GIBSON USA Model's however. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP !!!!
  9. When you play the Barre Chords 'G' 'A' 'F' and then go to the Open 'A', did you ever consider playing the Barred 'A' instead? why/why not(changing to Am is just as easy that way) ? I was too far away to see how Knopfler played it........did you use Tab of Traditional sheet music ? or figure it out by ear ? I saw Knopfler w/Straits play this on a Les Paul....this song and 'Solid Rock' were phenomenal, but the rest of the set put me to sleep, truly bored the ssss$#!T out of me.
  10. Good manners and politeness ? PPPFFFFFF......who u think u kiddin'? besides yourself?
  11. Check out what GROVER has on offer. that 2019 has BurstBucker 2 & 3 in it? or the ol' Dirty Fingers ? the Explorer's I have gone thru were probably among the guitars that I have owned that stayed in tune best. so I am surprised to hear this.I always figured they stayed in tune excellently because of the GROVER Mini-Rotomatics that are on it from the factory, The Mini-Groverst is what is on that axe, yes?
  12. IF IF IF you used a credit card to buy the Les Paul, and the dealer will not give you a refund....just call the credit card company and tell them you were sold damaged goods. You will get a refund. Funny how using someone else's money gets results. When I decided to put the Pick-Guard on my Lester, I made sure I drilled into the body, underneath the binding on the side of the guitar, and I attached a 2 CM piece of felt that had adhesive on the side that attached to the NUT(so it would stay in place) and there is about 2 CM space between the felt and the body/cap of the Guitar. it sucks that you will have to send the axe back, but getting one with no dents/dings etc is a must ! For the cash GIBSON is getting for these guitars it should be damn near perfect. Nothing ever is perfect, but 99% perfect is getting your monies worth when it comes to these new GIBSON's.
  13. I have never seen one of these, a Neck Thru, Single neck 'SG' 12 String. It surely is Beautiful, but does the neck dive ? That would be my only concern. What is the price tag on that axe ?
  14. Yes, GIBSON is back, although IMO that has been since 2016. But at least, now, Senor Henry J. is gone and with that, the chance of screwing things up now seem less likely. Since 2016 I have averaged a few new GIBSON STANDARDS/YEAR, and all of them are EXCELLENT Guitars. the 2017 & 2019 'SG' & Les Paul Standards especially.
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