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  1. I ordered exactly this guitar (of course 2019 model) 3 weeks ago. I will post NGD pics when it arrives! i am hyped! :))
  2. Can you post pictures so maybe i or someone else can have a look?
  3. I always dreamt about a custom shop dc, but they are so expensive and now they are gone. Hopefully not for good!
  4. if your budget is tight or you want to limit yourself to a few hundred dollars, i would always recommend going with 90s studio models with real ebony fretboards. Those are fantastic value! If you want a project, maybe you can even one in project shape for less money. The one you found looks shady to me tbh.
  5. I never had the luck to play a real Burst, but i played several cheap to medium priced vintage instruments like 70s Gibson or Fenders and i have to say: nowadays custom shop guitars feel and sound better in average. Some of those vintage instruments felt sloppily built and and some soft. Todays reissues are of a very high quality standard. That said of course i get the fascination of an old Burst.
  6. Yes, you are both right. I will report when i got one in my sticky greedy hands.
  7. Hello Guys, my first post! What do you think of the new ´59, ´61 and ´64 335 models? I am looking for years for an ES with block inlays but no thin neck. Maybe the ´64 could be it!?
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