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  1. Looks like the took a 61 reissue, made the bevels a bit deeper, put some extra frets nobody uses on, and painted it black... Oh and wrote 50 on it ;)
  2. Those 61s are sweet guitars, at least mine is! Those bevels of yours are rather amazing, slightly beter than mine :)
  3. £1100 for an 09 1961 reissue, a very nice looking and sounding guitar, but i need a setup on it, as Ive put some heavy strings on
  4. Yew

    About strings.

    I should imagine so, whats that. 12s?
  5. Have a LOLcat to cheer you guys up... Also nobodys mensioned what The Who did to all those vintage fenders.....
  6. I beleive so, however i have heared some stuff about there being two dfferent mounting types, one sthat mount like a normal HB, and ones that use a different mounting style.. however im not really sure
  7. IIRc there was one Mesa Model that was brilliant. Ive played one, it can do rock tones and metal tones, and Okay cleans too.. Unfortunately its discontinued now I like my orange tiny terror, however One day I will have an orange Rocker 50 Full Stack :)
  8. Yew

    The Other Guitars

    I would Like a SG/LP, a Tele/ and maybe a Gretsch of some sort
  9. Now you need to pay us by posting mroe pics of your guitar :)
  10. Yew


    I would imagine a peive of sawdust just got trapped between the contacts, im suprised gibson dont use sealed spdt on/on/on switches these days it would avoid that problem
  11. Now its pics like that.. they just make we want a Brown faded
  12. Yew

    Welcome back

    Woo, The new forum is now online. This looks very professional, however does anyone else think that a High-res picture of an Sg in the background would improve it
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