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  1. One picture would have been good enough - there are no legit EE Epi's with two different font sizes in the serial number. The most faked Epi is the LP Custom, mostly in black or white, and almost all EE07 serial number. This is the first fake EE08 I've seen because most of the scammers had realized their mistake by 2008.
  2. Hello EG, next time you drop by you should bring the gasman with you, I've read that he also loves epi's
  3. Here's the headstock from a white Samick custom Lp, 1989 model
  4. I've seen a few of the Korean LP's with this headstock, including a white custom and a couple of bursts, every one was a 1989 model.
  5. Even if it doesn't sound so good, a little investment in electrics and I'm sure it'll be a very good guitar.
  6. So, on that tailpiece the axle or pivot shaft is also a torsion bar type spring, the spring is pinned to the body on 1 side, pinned to the “floating” part and free to float in the other socket of the body. Your only problem is if those pins are a “no drift” type pin (in other words you can only see one side of the pin – where the pin is punched into a hole that doesn’t go right through). Turn it over and if you can see both side of the pins you’re doing fine – go to your local hardware store and spend a few dollars on a pin punch, or as we call them in Canada a pin drift, of the correct size. Drop some oil over the pin locations some time before you’re ready to work – support the piece around the pin location as you punch it, but leave a hole in the support piece for the pin to fall into – and punch the pins out – flip the piece and re-assemble. That’s my take on it anyway…
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