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  1. Buy online - i would recommend sweetwater. Those guys have pictures of the actual guitars on their website and they will go the extra mile to take more pictures and set it up the way you want it before it leaves their store. They box well and ship it out and guarantee their products and shipping. I haven't had to do it personally but I know people who have sent stuff back and exchanged things with no issues whatsoever so if you're not happy they will take care of you. Guitar center on the other hand is the complete opposite experience!
  2. Nope ive never tightened the nuts on the pegs and only made one truss adjustment since I owned it and barely tightened the screw because I'm always afraid of stripping the wood.
  3. Thanks guys - I have seen similar issues posted here and on other forums. The guitar is only 5 years old so it's a bit disappointing but as long as it doesn't worsen I think I'll survive. Seems like an easy repair for any competent luthier so if it does worsen I'll look to get it fixed.
  4. So I was restringing today and I noticed a little flake near the tuning peg and brushed it away only to discover it was a nasty chip of the finish. Then I immediately noticed a second chip near another peg. Should I be concerned here? Look only cosmetic which I can get over albeit a little begrudgingly. The guitar is kept in the case when not played and hasn't left the house. It's never seen house temps below 65ish. I do store my guitars in a corner near an outside wall but again the temps don't go below 65 and in fact my acoustic guitar has a temp/humid gauge in the case and it doesn't fall below 68ish inside the case. I know it's not covered under warranty and probably not worth a repair since it's not terrible. Thoughts? Attaching pics.
  5. Very true, we don't have the insight into numbers but clearly there is a new direction. It reminds me a lot of the recent changes to Apple's philosophiesover the last two to three years. Things started shifting when Steve jobs left and even more after he died honestly. I wonder if it's just taking gibson longer to get out from under the Les Paul control for lack of a better word than out took Apple. It's like they had a'll these ideas and could never get them out there and someone took down the red tape so they went crazy with the changes instead of slowly bringing them along.
  6. I did mine online I think......I hope
  7. Now that's sweet! What brand and where did u get it?
  8. "Next months mortgage" My next LP will be called "next months daycare" The one after that will be called "homeless" cuz that's where ill be. Lol
  9. Everything is upside down.....poor QC from Gibson again!
  10. If you get a lot of fluctuation in humidity it can cause the neck to expand and contract which can throw off tuning consistency, especially if you go from one extreme to another. Toughto,say without seeing it.
  11. Try a different luthier and get a second opinion.....something doesn't seem right and I doubt it's a production issue. Maybe he's inexperienced. In 18 years of playing, 15 of which I've done my own set ups, I've not come across a guitar that simply doesn't stay in tune. How are the humidity levels in your environment?
  12. Hmmm...sounds like you ruled out the basics already. Has he checked the truss rod? I'm not one to recommend messing with it until youve ruled everything else out, but it could be related to that.
  13. Try changing strings....check that they aren't binding on the nut....then check that your tuners aren't slipping. Those are prob the 3 common and easiest fixes. Is it only after you bend alot? Or does it stay in tune if you play a less aggressive song with no bending?
  14. Just joined the club.....love it!
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