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  1. Resurrecting an old thread, but I finally got the to mess with the Telecaster pickup height. Yes, adjusting the pickup height did make a marked difference in sound between the neck and the neck and bridge combined. Thank you for the insight.
  2. I have the Tech 21 Bass Driver DI. I use it all the time and like it. From what I have seen Tech 21 seems to make quality products.
  3. So, give us a user review of the amp. It looks like a Blackstar, but how does it sound?
  4. Cliff Notes were essential for reading Crime and Punishment by Dostoyevsky...
  5. My browser can't find the server...may the Common Brown got to it first! We're lucky here in Southern California, USA. All the venomous snakes here have rattles on them to warn you that you are getting too close. Even if they don't rattle, it's because they are too lazy laying around "Where they're out there having fun. In the warm California sun." Seriously, I can't tell you how many people in my neighborhood take pictures and post it to Facebook showing Rattlesnakes laying in the middle of the trail sunning themselves - sometimes the Rattlesnakes move, and sometimes they don't. Pure laziness... :lol:
  6. Had a friend who had an MG...the entire time I knew him, it didn't run. Here was the drill; Friday night - roll the car out of the garage. Saturday - Try to fix the car. Sunday - Pulll the car back into the garage. Repeat most weekends. Buy an old VW Bug or Karmann Ghia. Easy to work on and bullet proof (with minimal maintenance).
  7. What to do with a counterfeit Les Paul...play it and don't get fooled again. Sorry this happened. I am seeing a lot of counterfeit Fender guitars. By counterfeit, I mean it appears that a generic water slide decal has been placed on the front and there is no serial number to be found anywhere on the guitar. The Fender logo is "brownish" and does not look correct. Also, they are asking close to retail prices. Anyway to make a quick buck. However, this is a business opportunity. We can start a service that "grades" and identifies "certified Les Paul and other guitars. Similar to what they do with trading cards, coins, and paper money...GAC - Guitar Authentication Consortium.
  8. I don't think Gibson should drop the Epiphone brand. As a matter of fact, I think they should start another one called Maestro by Gibson... Support your local music shop and "Make Gibson Great Again."
  9. Congratulations...teach your students well (to paraphrase CSN&Y...)
  10. Also, I am working on a second album that will be similar, but I might include some tunes with lyrics. Some of the songs will be more aggressive, but it depends on how I do the song placement on the album. If you are interested in working with me, I am in need of musicians who can help me with this project. I will provide you a copy of the finished product, copyright credit, and whatever portion of streaming royalties you are credited to receive. I currently have more than enough material to complete multiple albums. I am willing to listen to whatever you might have that you would like included on the album. PM me if you are interested. We can work remotely together or I am located in the Los Angeles area... Thank you in advance.
  11. After several years of working on different projects, I was finally able to release a solo album. There are no lyrics - these songs were primarily written for movie, television, video game and other visual media. Here's a link to find the album Parallel Lines by Transcind: https://distrokid.com/hyperfollow/transcind/euc1 Here's a link to one of the songs that was posted to YouTube (a friend of mine liked this one the best): This album is available on Amazon, iTunes, Google Play, YouTube, Pandora, and a variety of other streaming services. This was all handled by DistroKid (see my other post regarding my DistroKid review). Thank you...I hope you enjoy the music.
  12. I called Amazon. I felt like the guy told me what he thought would get me off the phone. Basically, he said Amazon would email me...yeah, right. I'm a musician. Do you think I have never heard "The check is in the mail."? <_<
  13. OK, it's $19.99 for a year. Of course, they also offer a bunch of "upsell" items. If you selected them all, it would cost about $100 for a year. I went with the $19.95 plan and still got all the stuff I listed above. As an aside, my album is now available on Amazon. The problem is that it is not available on their streaming service. According to DistroKid, Amazon determines if they want it in Prime or Unlimited music. I'm going to see how I can get it placed with their streaming service. I'll let you know how it goes.
  14. I didn't want to mix a review with my album release...I'll make another post with a link to something on YouTube. Thanks for asking!
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