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  1. I haven't heard anyone mention Fairport Convention in years. They were one of the groups I like listening to in the 70's when I was in college. I need to go through my albums and see if I have one that I can record digitally.
  2. Have you considered something like the Bose L1 or S1? I don't have any personal experience with them, but they seem very highly rated.
  3. Hi Billroy I don't believe there is any easy way to directly measure the moisture content of the wood. If the guitar is too wet or too dry you would see evidence- Cracks, swelling up (or shrinking down) around the sound hole, frets that were sticking out beyond the edge of the neck ... I think there are lots of resources out there that tell you what to look for. I think probably the simplest way to know what's going on is to stick a humidity gauge in your case and close it up for a while.
  4. I play fingerstyle all the time, but I have short nails and just use the finger tips. Its hard to get much dynamic range that way, but it avoids the obvious issues you are having. I've tried more than once to use fingerpicks and that never goes anywhere. I get frustrated too quickly to keep at it, but I think I could get used to them eventually if I had to. Maybe that's a possible solution?
  5. Hey BK - both your guitar AND the black one are stunning instruments. I like the white binding on the black guitar - kind of gives it a finished look. If you redid yours, I assume he's not going to put in a new binding so your top will just blend right into the sides without any kind strong definition of the line between top and side. I'm not sure that would actually look as good as the black guitar in the picture. Personally, I wouldn't mess with it but then again I don't have any desire to buy or trade new guitars or mess much with what I have. That's just me.
  6. I listened to all the samples on a fairly cheap soundbar located under my terminal. It beats a laptop speaker by a lot, but its not exactly the last word in fine audio reproduction. Having said that I have 3 thoughts: 1 - I wish could get anything close to any of your sounds. It might help if I could play as well as you do, but that's a minor technicality. 2 - I can't tell the frickin difference between any of them. You have them all dialed in pretty well and its not like you are comparing a $1.99 pickup to a $200 pickup. They are all good quality pickups to start with. 3 - I suppose the moral of the story is that its much easier to get an equivalently "good" sound directly out of the Maton's electronics. No need for additional boxes.
  7. I was afraid I was the only one in this forum who never listened to him. I couldn't name a single song he wrote or performed. Second on the buh bye
  8. For what its worth, I had a Gibson J-165 at one time with the Fishman Aura electronics installed as a barn door straight from the factory. It was identical to this: https://reverb.com/i...src=aw.ds&pla=1 I have no idea how many other models got this treatment.
  9. I don't understand why they even brought "playability" into the discussion. That's a function of geometry - neck angle, bridge height, string spacing... Nobody (or least I don't) expects a walnut J15 to be less playable than a hog J45. If the same builder built the same guitars using the same templates and the same amount of care, with just different woods, one would expect the playability to be identical.
  10. BK I've always wanted to visit Australia, but the 20+ hours flying didn't thrill me. Can you Spockie me over? Its got to be cheaper than a business class Quantas ticket.
  11. Hey Billroy Maybe this will help you out with your Christmas wish list? https://www.thaliaca...r-for-christmas
  12. I really liked the 3rd one - the 808 with the maple neck. I thought the dread sounded very muddy - too many overtones and echos that were stepping all over each other, but I could happily live with the 808. I can't remember seeing a Maton in any guitar store I've ever been in. Its unlikely I'll ever have the chance to try one.
  13. I settled on Martin SP's (PB) a long time ago. Every once in a while a get an itch to try something new, then I just go back to the Martin SP's. I have 2 guitars and I change both probably twice a year so not much need to buy strings in bulk.
  14. I think the guy in the Youtube is a Russian plant full of fake news designed to spread discord among the Gibson party faithful.
  15. Here's a reasonably good free arrangement- http://www.free-scores.com/download-sheet-music.php?pdf=59788# I first heard this song listening to James Taylor.
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