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  1. maybe original is ok underneath
  2. Is there a number on the back of the head stock ?
  3. They numbered solid body Gibson's like that from 1953 till sometime in 1961, All solid bodies including lap steel guitars That is not how they numbered acoustics. I do not Know how they numbered acoustics but someone will chime in.
  4. funny switch location as most line up straight with upper pots. looks like neck PU is moved away from neckjoint but not as far as most. could be 58 maybe edges sanded down on refinish. non original bridge
  5. Unless it's a reissue, late 1959 1960 or early1961. Specials changed from single to double cut mid 1958. Neck pickup moved back from neck joint to strengthen the weak joint late in 1959. Les Paul removed from headstock sometime in 1960???maybe 1961. PS late 59 unless refinished from TV yellow rounded off body so not 1958. you might have to look at pot codes if original to get a closer date.
  6. that amp is older than 59 that style was from 40's maybe very early 50's
  7. 1965 or 1966 in beautiful condition
  8. The addition of proper PAF's would cost about the same as the value of the guitar would increase.
  9. I saw your post in another forum asking if the paf was real. if it is there is over half the value of the guitar. if both PU's are paf then the guitar is free. p.s. i see that from the other forum the PU's arent paf . oh well maybe next time
  10. brown tolex brown speaker cloth '63 '64 black tolex silver speaker cloth '65 '66
  11. i would not power that up without first at least putting a new power cord on it. p.s. awesome amp you got there
  12. You are not detracting from the value of the guitar by changing something that is already not original. Refinishing or carving holes in the guitar will be the only thing that further decreases its value.
  13. I recall a thread about flattening warped pick guards on Mylespaul forum. Not trying to lure folks over there, just trying help with a vintage guitar
  14. pics please oops didn't see the other post yet. this can be deleted
  15. These are the pics: GA 19RVT GA 8T
  16. I just spent 2 hours trying to add pics. Those will have to wait until there my computer savy daughter gets here tomorrow. the markings on the transformer of my GA 19 RVT are. TF 18 P 524 63 13 The 63 is for the year 13 is for the week of production As a comparison my GA 8T transformer markings are TF-8A-P 9966244 (year 62 week44) pics to follow they both bolt into the same holes but the TP 18 p is almost twice as thick.
  17. supposed to be similar numbers on the speakers. Went to look at mine 62 & 63 the one with original speaker had no numbers or was painted over. Google gibsons garage - amps. good info there www.0rigami.com/gg/amps.html
  18. The 65 listed most likely has pat # pickups. the same as PAF's. but not worth nearly as much as PAF's If the guitar has in fact PAF"s , by themselves they are worth between $2000 - $3000 each. The low ballers will try to buy the guitar cheap pull the PAF"s put something else in and sell the guitar again. If they are PAF"S the guitar is clearly worth more than 10K.
  19. Why not just sell the guitar to someone who will appreciate it as it is. Then buy a similar guitar that has already been butchered, put whatever pick ups you want in it, and play away. No insult intended, once butchered it is butchered, and it's value as a vintage instrument is greatly reduced. Or just play it the way it is. Just my 2 bits.
  20. It is probably worth more as an original finish guitar as it would be restored. restoring it will cost you, and devalue the guitar by half. Unless it is a complete basket case, probably best left alone. Also i cant seem to view your attachment.
  21. Looks as if both the front and back binding have been partially painted over to me
  22. I am also in the hunt for this switch. But I need the two button variety, tremolo and reverb. The one on my amp is one that i believe came off a silvertone Amp.
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