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  1. This has happened on several of my new Gibson acoustics as well as electrics, The deal is the nitro cellulose finish hasn't completely cured so you get a haze where your arm rests on the guitar. I buffed mine out with a cotton cloth to remove the haze. As indicated above, leave the guitar out or the case open. Generally takes around 2 months for things to settle.
  2. Newbie here enjoying the forum. If you like the Waltz, then be sure to check out "Love for Levon". May have to buy the blue ray CD as most of the stuff on youtube is cell video. There are some bad reviews for the sound quality but I got mine 3 months ago and it's fine.
  3. Very, very nice Anne. A well picked song with interesting lyrics. Less than 10% of the folks on this forum could play that song as well as you and even less could write one that good (I know I can't!). Please share some more. LCB
  4. In my humble opinion, the guy does a great job playing that song (voice leaves a lot to be desired and the song is hard as hell to play-I've been working on it for 3 weeks and ain't close). I saw Browne play live two Sundays ago at the North Charleston Performing Arts Center. Man, what a show. He had about fifteen acoustics on stage and played just about all of them. At one point, he pulled out the vintage Roy Smeck and hit the opening riff to Something Fine and I thought I'd died and gone to heaven - the sound was soooo sweet! Later on he picked up the Gibson JB model and did These Days. That guitar sounded almost as good as the Smeck. I've played three of the Gibson JB guitars and all played and sounded great (started my new company a year ago and don't have any disposable cash or one would be in my stable). I respectfully disagree with the folks that compare this guitar to a J-45. They don't sound or play even remotely the same. I will buy one of these as soon as I can. Hope ya'll enjoy this (I believe its been posted here before): Best, LCB
  5. Every so often I get the urge to strap on the LP (2006 black beauty reissue), stick the ear plugs in, turn it up (1965 blackface twin) and rattle the walls. Mostly mid-late '60's rock and '50's blues with some Pearl Jam and others thrown in. No petal distortion - just that generated by a good cranked tube amp. I also jam with a couple bands in town when the mood strikes. It's good for your soul!! Peace, LCB
  6. I don't believe Bob's not interested - he's just not sure of the words and phrasing. It's certainly evident that there was no rehersal! You are right - someone is slightly out of tune - can't tell which, but I believe it's Bob. It's hard to tune acoustics together when the wind is blowing 50 mph! Anyway, the VM songs I currently play in public are: Into the Mystic (this is a definate crowd pleaser - "Hark, now, hear the sailor's cry, Smell the sea and feel the sky, Let your soul and spirit fly, into the mystic!)and Tulepo. Peace, LCB
  7. Don't know about Montana but I do know that Gibson's Nashville Custom Shop is using laminated (stacked) rosewood fretboards on the 2012 LP Historics. Everyone on the LPF is raising hell - and rightfully so. LCB
  8. Not sure - but I don't believe he's playing a JB sig. Just doesn't look or sound like one. I've had the good fortune to play 3 - 1 at Bailey Bros in Birmingham, AL (one of the best sounding and playing guitars I've ever played) and 1 each at Guitar Centers in ATL and North Charleston, SC. I would have bought each one of them if I had the $$$. Wonderful sounding and playing instruments. All of the JB sigs I've seen in person and online have a sunburst top and different fretboard inlays than the one he's playing. What little you can see of the sides don't look like walnut. To me - that guitar looks and sounds like some bad *** rosewood. Any opinions on which model it is or isn't? LCB
  9. Red Solo Cup -Just kidding! How about Jackson Brown: These days I sit on corner stones And count the time in quarter tones to ten, my friend Don't confront me with my failures I had not forgotten them LCB
  10. If you have more than 1 guitar, you should consider a room humidifier. Mine automatically maintains 45% RH - no fuss or mess. Just have to remember to keep water in it. LCB
  11. Hurt written by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails and covered by Mr. Johnny Cash. - Reznor video. - Cash video (I can't watch this without crying). I play the Cash version and substitute EAD# for EAC in the A Minor chord - gives it a real haunting sound. Sorry, don't know how to make the chords position over the words correctly. Am C D Am C D Am I hurt myself today, to see if I still feel C D Am C D Am I focus on the pain, the only thing thats real C D Am C D Am The needle tears a hole, the old familiar sting C D Am C D G Try to kill it all away, but I remember everything Chorus: Am F C G What Have I become, my sweetest friend Am F C G Everyone I know, goes away in the end Am F C G And you could have it all, my empire of dirt Am F G Am I will let you down, I will make you hurt Am C D Am C D Am I wear this crown of thorns, upon my liars chair C D Am C D Am Full of broken thoughts, I cannot repair C D Am C D Am Beneath the stains of time, the feeling disappears C D Am C D G You are someone else, I am still right here Chorus with this Outro C D Am C D Am If I could start again, a million miles away C D Am C D Am(hold) I would keep myself, I would find a way. Peace, LCB
  12. Dude - You are so - so right about the impact of string sound when checking out a guitar. Most Guitar Centers and other major retailers are terrible about maintaining strings. There is nothing worse than picking up a beautiful guitar to play and finding dead strings. Most of the small, quality shops I frequent put Elixer lights on all of their guitars. I play the Elixer lights and medium lights on all of my guitars. To me - they sound great and last a long time. LCB
  13. I hear you about pics. I'm travelling on business right now and will post some this weekend. LCB
  14. Hi Folks, Lets not forget the custom shop limited edition/one off h'birds. I have one made with Koa back and sides with deeply scalloped braces. It has the Gibson sparkle when strummed/picked towards the bridge and a wonderful full resonating sound when strummed at the sound hole. BTW - Has anyone else experienced this: After 10-15 minutes of heavy playing, this guitar emits a wonderful cedar smell! LCB
  15. Beautiful guitar and thanks for sharing. Couple of questions: Doesn't look like a 15 laminate neck to me - maybe 7? Also, I thought Ren signed the inside lables on all of the guitars he makes without help. LCB
  16. Damn Rar - I'd totally forgotten Embryonic Journey. It's Jorma at his best. It's sad that he won't play a Gibson in public anymore. Thanks for bringing it back to me. This is one of the main reasons I hang out on internet music boards. LCB
  17. Saw it and loved it (although it made me miss early church Sunday morning)! Those two make it look soooo easy and sound soooo damn good (esp Kris)! LCB
  18. OWF, Thanks for posting that. I play the song in the same key with about the same timing as the video. Was worried that it was a little slow. After watching that, I'm good! Too bad Keef ain't playing a Gibson. The sparkle is definately missing. LCB
  19. OWF, "These Days" is a great song - just wish I was good enough to pick it like Jackson! I do the key change - its a full step up. I play the song in G so the change = A and its not to bad. LCB
  20. OWF - Great set list! Here's mine - I don't play all of these at a given venue but pick songs based on the audience's reaction to what I've played. Beatles - Dear Prudence - try it, sounds great on acoustic, Norwegian Wood. Jackson Browne - These Days Dylan - Tamborine Man, Times are a changing - I know - cop outs - but you have to have some easy stuff that sounds good! Morrison - Mystic, Tupelo Honey - if someone is playing with me so we can get those wonderful lead riffs going. Pearl Jam - Just Breathe, I'm Still Alive - like Prudence, this song sounds great on acoustic. Curtis Mayfield - People Get Ready. Early Fleetwood Mac = Peter Green - Oh Well - I lead off the rock segment with this. Dave Matthews - Sister and, if the crowd likes to rock, Why I Am. Whatever Allman Brothers/Zepplin/Hendrix stuff I feel like playing. John Prine - Angel From Montgomery. Johnny Cash/Nine Inch Nails - Hurt - Cash whimps out with the Am chord while Reznor, who wrote it,(and I) use the haunting EAEAD#E. Hoyt Axton/Steppenwolf - Snowbllind Friend. Foo Fighters - Unplugged version of My Hero. Mid 50's Blues Guys: Robert Johnson - Love in Vain. Huddie Ledbetter (unknown composer -late 1870s) In the Pines/Where Will You go From Here. Also done by Nirvana on MTV Unplugged. It was recorded befored Kirk died and released after his death. Blind Willie Mclendon - Statesboro Blues - Blind Willie's version. And, if you have time to go into the wonderful world of an open G tuning: Little Feat - Willin, PJ - Daughter, Shawn Mullis - Rockabye, Pink Floyd - Fearless, The Boss - The Rising (from an acoustic segment he did on, I think, VH1 Story Tellers) and (believe it or not!) Kid Rock - Amen (this is usually a HUGE crowd pleaser and is only 2 chords). LCB
  21. Definitely worth it - wonderful melody and beautiful poetic lyrics - which = JT. This is one of my favorite songs ever. As for practice (you probably already know this!), I always learn the song first - strum the chords and sing the lyrics and get the rhythm down - then get to the picken! Time to nail it depends on many factors: primarily your skill level and your degree of focus when practicing. Getting all those picking fingers to work together ain't easy! Best of luck and please update us with your progress. LCB
  22. AJ - To answer your question, I'm going to tell an interesting story. Like most of us, I live in a medium size town (Florence, SC) that has only 2 small music stores which don't carry decent guitars. So, whenever I travel - which is a lot, I seek out guitar stores and play as many as I can. Most of the time, nothing interests me. I had a conference in Vancouver several weeks ago and the wife and I decided to turn the trip into a vacation. We spent the first night in Victoria, BC and, despite my wailing protest (I HATE to shop and college football was on TV!), we walked downtown Victoria Saturday morning shopping. Well, we walked by a small quitar store (Classic Guitars on Fort Street) and, of course, I had to go in. The shop is run and owned by Michael Powell and had a wall of beautiful acoustics - all made by small shop luthiers. After the fifth guitar, the wife informed me she was going to continue shopping. So I played all that interested me. But it didn't matter as the second one I had played really spoke to me. It was made by David Iannone who apprenticed under Jean Larrivee. David's business is called Morgan Guitars and is based out of north Vancover - I had never heard of Morgan Guitars before then. The guitar is a one-off and made with Houduran rosewood that had been sitting around the shop for 10 years, sitka top, mahogony neck, ebony fretborad and bridge, and bone nut, saddle and pins. The guitar is an exact copy of the H-bird - although the headstock is different - and has better build quality than my H-bird custom koa. This guitar just sparkles when played (even more than my H-bird) with a well defined low end. The whole thing vibrates like crazy with unbelievable sustain and the overtones are just right. After the purchase, I loaded the guitar into the backseat of the rental car and picked up the wife. She took a look into the backseat, sighed, and said "that's the second guitar you played, isn't it". I asked her how she knew and she said it was simply the best sounding acoustic she'd ever heard. Maybe she won't drag me around shopping anymore! I know this is a Gibson forum and I continue to prefer Gibson acoustics and electrics - but folks, there is some damn good stuff being made by them small shop guys. LCB
  23. GBG - I totally agree with the other posters. It, of course, all depends on the specific guitar but the H-Bird is a great build design and should sound good all the time. The TV's (3) I've played all sounded better than the standards (2). However, if you have access to an H-Bird custom, give it a shot. Secound best sounding acoustic I've ever played - and yes - I had to buy it! Good luck with your search! LCB
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