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Here's a fun piece of music...


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That's nice...


So; how did you end up deleting the multiple posts?


I didn't...I just re-labeled them in their headings to disregard and they're slowing moving down the posting totem pole. Interestingly, I read through the Help instructions and it said they're should be, but may not always be (or something) a Delete button next to the Edit button. Of course, that may not always be thing has kicked in and there isn't one next to my Edit button. I vaguely rememeber this happening one other time...when suddenly a Delete button mysteriously re-appeared at a later point next to my Edit button. Whether it will again or not so I can actually delete the duplicate posts (if I even remember them at a later time after they are way down the totem pole of posts, I have no clue.


BTW, thanks to those who have listened to the guitar piece I put on YouTube.


QM aka Jazzman Jeff

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