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VH1 Behind The Music Remastered Deep Purple


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This premiered last night on Vh1, and I just got done watching it on my DVR.

It plays a few times today on their channel as well.


Very good documentary on Deep Purple.

Learned a few things such I did not know Tommy Bolen from the James Gang was one of the players that took over for Ritchie Blackmore.

The video covers the band from the very beginning up to the new album they have in the works that will release in two days called Now What?!

I checked on Amazon, and it shows the MP3s should be available to get on the 30th.



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Thanks for the heads up CoreyT!


Got the DVR set for about 90 minute from now.


Saw DP twice. First at Cal Jam, then saw them on Tommy Bolin's first tour with them at Long Beach Arena.


Riffster is spot on about Bolin. Most people considered Richie as Deep Purple.


I agree with surfpup. Bolin holds his own but had a hard time trying replace Blackmore.


Funny thing about the second time I saw them. They were considered the loudest R&R band at the time. Nazareth who opened for them were sooo much louder.

Way to loud for me and may others. I wasn't the only one with fingers in ears. Even as a late teenager it was too loud.

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