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2013 Les Paul Premium Quilt top


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The very first USA Gibson Les Paul I purchased was a Wine Red Studio. When I received it in the mail, it was unplayable. I brought the guitar to a local authorized Gibson Luther and

while he did get the guitar to be playable, He also dented my guitar not once, but TWICE, and it was shipped to Nashville three times. Gibson ended up having my May 1st guitar more in their

possession then I did. The people in the repair facility did a great job on repairing the dents, they were aces !!! To bad the 4 page letter and the tons of emails I sent to them were

never forwarded to Cust Svc dept. I did not want another Studio with no binding, but they sent me one anyway.


Against normal store policy, Guitar Center took back the unwanted gibson studio 9 months after I first bought it and gave me back the 1264 I paid for it. I then added 2008 to the price

as a deposit towards the Premium Quilt Top. Strange how the available date kept changing over and over again to another month, and another month. Now its June 30th 2013 and I paid for it

last February. How come Daves Guitar in Wisconsin had them for sale, as well as flame, Birdseye, Koa ??? GC has had NONE on their Platinum website at all.


I would really appreciate someone from Gibson confirming to me that June 30th 2013 my guitar will actually SHIP this time, and not just be another date added saying later on ????


Thank You.







<a href="http://photobucket.com/" target="_blank"><img src="http://i968.photobucket.com/albums/ae168/CTguy1955/Davesguitar2013Quilt_zps9df71b3e.jpg" border="0" alt="Daves Guitar photo Davesguitar2013Quilt_zps9df71b3e.jpg"/></a>





I hope you can see one of the four of the same guitar that I want. I could have bought this from Daves, so if this March 2013 guitar was at Daves, how come a single shop in Wisconsin

gets merchandise before the largest retailer of guitars in the world ????


I hope that the one I eventually get looks as nice as this one !!! I dont like to see a seam near the bridge.













I joined the Talk to CEO Gibson website and it never allows me to write any new topics.

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I have an indie dealer in my town that gives super prices on Gibson. There's zero reason to go to the big box when there's a real dealer with a soul in town.



There is only one place closer and they are "Arts and Music" and have only very low end stuff. They are more into giving lessons then anything else.


To go to any other type of place would be in New Haven, and it would be a small shop with no buying power, and most likely no 30 day money back

warranty either.



Daves is out of the guitar now anyway, He sold the two he got in very quickly. His back order date is later then GC.

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It is a beautiful guitar. Some people don't like quilt tops but I love them. I wanted to get my PRS in a quilt top but they didn't offer it on the 25th anniversary models (at least when I bought it).

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Dave's guitar shop is pretty sweet, they're like the only authorized Custom dealers i know though



Daves does not have any in stock any longer, and their wait time is now after my GC wait time. Im number 2 in line at GC for the Quilt top.


I do not like the seams below the bridge, and unless a regular standard is very nicely bookmarked, I could not buy one. I have spent hours and

hours searching for a 2999.99 dollar one, and just cant find any that the seam is nice. I also dont care for strange marks that are in some wood

nor having horizontal and vertical lines on the same side. That is why I decided to go with the quilt top, as the seam is hidden pretty well and

nicely blended in. My first Gibson USA that was sent back to nashville three times before they scrapped it as junk, was a wine red and the

seam was hardly seen at all.

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