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Wound up with two new additions today. Loaned out some money that he could not repay, so I got his guitars

2004 Les Paul classic, great condition.

Brand new Epiphone PR5 with pre amp. <never played>

Not a bad deal for $700.00 for both

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When properly setup, that PR5e may surprise you.


It's my solo performing AE guitar regardless of venue or style - and I've several dreads that theoretically are "better" instruments.


It'll work for anything from Gypsy Jazz to cowboy fingerpickin'.



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That is a great deal! How does the neck feel on the Classic?


Afraid its not the camera, its my hands that shake so much I cant take a decent picture.

Wish I could tell you the neck feels nice, but I am unable to play any more.

I more or less just collect guitars.

But from what I can feel its pretty nice.

I played for over 54 years, and now I am unable to play hardly a note, but still get a charge out of picking up new guitars.

These two make four guitars just this month that I have latched onto.

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