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(Not so new at all) Cab Day


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So, my upper back is a little fragile and when I go jam with friends I end up using a friend's Fender Hot Rod Deluxe so I do not have to carry my Mesa head and cab, the head is a 5:25 express and it is light weight but the cab is always a hassle for me, just kills my back having to go up and down a few flight of stairs.


So I decided to buy a used cab exactly like mine to leave at my friends and just carry my Mesa head when we jam. this will allow me to jam more often...two times a month instead of one. <_<


So I picked this one up for very reasonable price, these are great solid cabs and this one is structurally perfect, really well built and the 3/4 closed back tuned sounds awesome,


So this thing has been around the world and 1,000 bars and looks and smells like it but it sounds sweet, a little better than mine, the speaker is probably more broken in since I play mostly on the 5 watt setting through my Mesa.


I re- soldered some cold joints since the owner had a different speaker in at some point.











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Good deal...


Me, I simply found that which was lost.


Some 20 years ago a loaned my younger brother my Bassman from the '60s. Head and 4-H cab. Two years ago I found the head. I've been looking for some sort of a cab ever since. While my siblings were here this past week, there it was behind a batch of other "stuff" in storage where our Mom had put it years ago and entirely had forgotten it.


Life's interesting.



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Good idea. Having one already there makes so much sense.

Now you just need a spare head.....lol!


Even from the snaps you can see it's built like a battleship.

Any Idea how old it is, Riffster?



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Izzy it is not just the look it's the smell, my 20 month old daughter started looking at the cab when I brought it in the house, she sort of patted it then she leaned over and smelled it and she looks at me and says with an expression of intrigue: Dad?


Pippy, this cab cannot be more than 10 years old, it is a new-ish model. Been around the block, frankly I do not think it has seen international travel at least in a while, if that was the case it would have been in a flight case.


Tell you what this things hold well, the cab smells like a wet ashtray left in a humid basement and yet the back cover fits like a gear on a Swiss watch, the fact that these cabs are thoroughly sprayed with industrial grade paint inside does not allow humidity to get in the wood.


Dave, yea I will stack them to see how it sounds but this cab will save me back pains by leaving it at my friends. The head is only one third of the weight of the entire rig and now I can get my sound.


Here is my head and cab for reference.





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