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Treble bleed help


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Im finding my guitar rolls off too much treble when I turn down the volume. I recently changed my pots to cts and it was only after changing that I noticed it. I really like the taper on them so I'd please like some help with how to wire a treble bleed to a push pull pot. I've attached the wiring schematic and I'd be grateful if anyone had some info on what to do

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Hi Krock


try this link:



Should be available to you in the UK no?


I've used these in one of my Les Pauls and it really solved the same problem I was having, very easy to do.


you can either buy it preinstalled, or buy just the treble bleed circuit.


Comes with instructions. if you can use a soldering iron, you can do this upgrade.


I like these because the are adjustable, and not fixed.

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You would take a 300k resistor and a 680 pf capacitor and twist and solder the leads together so that they're in parallel and then solder the assembly across the two left hand (as shown in the wiring diagram) lugs of the volume control. Those are the input and output lugs of the volume control.


Twist them together like this -



Then hook them up like this. You'll be using a different size resistor -


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