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Funny thing...


Ain't really watched baseball since they took the Bums outa Brooklyn. That's not quite a joke, either.


OTOH, I do remember watching television with Don Larsen pitching his no-hitter in the '56 series. I can tell you where I was, more or less the type of television, etc. Sheesh, that's close to 60 years ago. (It was the Hotel Burke, Carroll, Iowa; I was in the lobby watching the tube and reading magazines while my mother was at a long meeting in the dining room.)


It was the era of being dressed well at a hotel where the dining room had linen tablecloths and napkins. I wore a jacket and tie. I'm not certain, but I believe my mother was wearing a glen plaid women's skirted business suit and I seem to recall the television was of the "blonde" sort of bleached furniture color of the era.


Sadly it was so soon after that when such places and such style collapsed into decrepitude of society of reduced standards... <super grin and chortle> including stealing the Bums outa Brooklyn.



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The cards have great pitching. Here in Pittsburgh I really thought we'd beat them but they seem to capitalize on the one mistake the other team makes.

They know how to win and expect to.

Sorry about your Pirates, but good for them for making it this far this year.


Go Cardinals... Maybe today in Game 5. [-o<

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