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Until now, the SG has left me cold, but the new Guitar of the Month SG Diablo has my interest.


However, what's the go with the back of them, check out the photos at Sweetwater




It looks weird, like the bodys been routed out and filler put in that's shrunk.


Bizarre, What the hecks going on???:D


I really want one but I'll probably have to order sight unseen so I'd like to know what I'm getting first.

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plus 24 frets!!!!B)


I've never seen a song go to the 24th fret...... Anyway, the Diablo is pretty cool, but the goldtop one they had at the NAMM show was awesome! I don't know why they don't sell them in gold top. Then again at NAMM they had a silverburst LP BFG, and I never thought I'd see a BFG that good looking.

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I love the color and the overall look, I'm sure I have to get one, it's the back that concerns me...


24 Frets!, listen to Gary Moore's instrumental, The Prophet. He uses a Les Paul, but it makes great use of that 24th fret.


Goldtop?, apparently that's the Dec 08 Guitar Of The Month.

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