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String question-- But please read it anyway!


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For me, strings boil-down to what you like. I don't use Elixers. Haven't for years. Always thought they were too slick and a bit dull and too expensive, BUT, a great number of guitar pickers swear by them. Heck, I used to hate coated strings, then found out I'd still been using them for years...lol...I've heard of strings that break all the time, that can't be tuned, and strings that turn rusty. I've never had any of them on my guitars. Not saying they don't exist. Just saying I've never had them on my guitars. Usually, I buy the strings that are on sale or are being cleared-out. $2 a set is tough to beat. A few days ago I put a set of D'Addario coated lites on my Dove. There's a review of them on MF where this dude is saying they have no sound. If what I'm hearing is nothing, then God let me remain deaf. Of course, if the guy was playing a Gibson he likely forgot to take the socks out of it.......Play the strings that sound good to your ears......BTW, your question is valid. There's lots of confusion in regards to guitar strings.

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