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Scale Length?


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Gibson states my two guitars (J-200 and SWD) both have a 25.5" scale. However, when measuring the length on the J200 (I think the SWD is similar), I get 25.25". I measured from the nut face to 12th fret wire and got 12 5/8. According to Stewmac and other websites you multiple that by 2 to get the scale length. 12 5/8 * 2 = 25.25"


I had a friend measure his J-200 and he got the same thing. So my question is, does Gibson fib a little on the scale length or maybe the method I used does not work with Gibson and you need to measure from the nut to bridge? BTW, my Taylor measures 25.375" scale when using the nut to 12th fret method and it is sold as 25.5" scale.


Any thoughts on this?



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As I understand it, Gibson scale lengths (and probably other brands as well) are nominal, and have varied slightly over time for the same nominal length, for whatever reason. As a check, I just measured the scale length of my 1947 L-7 (a nominal 25.5" long-scale guitar), and using your methodology (bearing surface of nut to bearing surface of 12th fret)found the scale length to be 25.4375".


If I get the time, I will do the same check on other Gibson acoustics I have, which span some 60 years of nominal 24.75" scales.


I'm not losing a huge amount of sleep over this issue, and I don't think you should, either.

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