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Les Paul Standard 2013 Low output on bridge pickup


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So I bought my LP back on May, on Dic the bridge pickup had a problem, it had no output and in like an hour it had full output again but for minutes. I took my guitar to a gibson warranty service center and they changed the PCB it seemed that the problem was gone but 3 days ago it started to have the same problem again. what's happening???

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maybe it needs another board....or the board ripped out & the guitar properly hard-wired (which would instantly void the warranty).

this may sound silly, but have you ran the vol & tone pots back & forth full swing vigorously for 15 seconds or so?

also a vigorous working of the 3-way switch may help...

and a firm tapping/rapping on the p'up its'self w/the eracer end of a pencil...


my Flying V starts cutting out occasionally, but a serious V-knob workout always fixes it....for 8 yrs or so now.....for some reason some guitars wiring circuits will leave a mild corrosion/oxidized film in the pots/switches/etc.



Edit: Welcome to the Forum BTW!

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oddly enough, just tonight I had to "clean up" a cold solder joint on a Telecaster I assembled (not PC here to say "built" [thumbdn]) 2 yrs ago.

guitar had started "crackling" in certain positions, and when I troubleshot the system & isolated the problem to that guitar & either a hot or ground issue(did it on either/both p'ups regardless of vol./tone) it turned out to be the 1st connection I looked at, on my output socket.

the wire was actually wiggling loose INSIDE the solder i'd laid down, and the entire thing had turned white.


a good cleanup, re-tinning, and hotter joint......no more crackle !!


it's usually something simple, so I always start there & work toward the more complex.

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