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Gibson J-45 or not?


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Hello Teresa, first of all, very sorry for the loss of your Dad.

It is hard to tell from afar and from the pictures, but it could be a War-time(40's) era J45 with (unfortunately) some bad repairs done to it over its life.By that, I mean it has had some re-finish work and bridge and pickguard re-placement. Things like that certainly lower the 'collector value' but do not diminish the 'sentimental value'.


It certainly looks like a Banner Gibson!


Your best bet would be to take it to a knowledgeable music store in your area and get an opinion from someone who can physically inspect it.


Are you interested in getting it restored?



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Yep, this was at one time a wartime Gibson J-45 (banner era). That refers to the banner on the headstock that says "Only a Gibson Is Good Enough." Those banners were only applied to Gibsons from 1942 until 1946.


In my opinion, this one was made between 1944 and 1946 since it appears to have the Maple/Walnut/Maple laminate neck, high logo placement, etc. That's just a guess though.


Neat guitar. It looks like it will need $2000 in work to be done up right.

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