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Got my Epiphone 140th Anniversary T-shirt.


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I live I Canada and it's extremely difficult to find a guitar manufacturer who will ship any products-especially apparel, to Canada.I have been wanting an Epiphone baseball hat or T-shirt or even just a lowly bumper sticker

for ages.After many months of searching for a proper EPI shirt or cap,I finally found a T-shirt on E-Bay from China of all places,it's a 140th Anniversary model and it only cost me about $18 with just $6 delivery-all the way from China,they couldn't have made a lot of money on the transaction.The shirt is Gildan and is 100% cotton plus it's very soft and comfortable.I doubt very much if the shirt is licenced or endorsed by Epiphone but since they don't make their shirts etc. available to Canada,those of us above the 49th parallel,need to avail of other sources.Anyway even if EPI hasn't endorsed these shirts,those of us who buy them, are still advertising the brand.

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