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  1. Pete, The Masterbilt DR series (I have a few) are standard dred sized guitars of course, The AJ's were modeled after the slope-shoulder Gibson J45. When they first came out in the early 2000's the line was really well balanced and in my opinion, was one of the more attractive guitar lines out there, offering many options and body styles. It has regressed somewhat. Personally, I would only buy a 2006-ish model (preferably in the humidified case). Those guitars seem to the the zenith of the line's quality.
  2. So...with that in mind what are your thoughts on travel guitars?
  3. I had a similar experience. I bought a Tito's vodka Epiphone guitar (DR-100) just to hang in my bar area but I was really blown away with the quality for the price.
  4. Actually, I'm in the same dilemms, having just bought an RV. I treat all my guitars with the same care and respect; from my D41 to the DR100. The thought of a "beater" guitar is new to me.
  5. Absolutely send it back
  6. Cougar, It was me that got you hooked on Guild 12 strings...
  7. How bad is the neck? Can a couple turns on the truss rod and sand the bridge down make it playable?
  8. I'd have to give the nod to my DR500PNS as well. Simple, eligant with a fantastic sound.
  9. First, welcome to the forum ratherbwalkn. You'll find a lot of great info here. I actually owned a 335 in the early 70's. It was a really well made guitar. I actually traded a friend for a beat-to-hell J-35 (including cigarette burn on the top). It was my second guitar (my first was a Harmony) and recently I have been nostalgic to get another. I have seen them going for the $250 range. You can get a previously owned Masterbilt for $300-400 and it is by far a superior instrument.
  10. Well said...there is only what catches your emotions.
  11. I see many on Reverb. That seems to be the place to buy now...
  12. Yes that is exactly what I was referring to...the non-cutaways with the original Masterbilt cases.
  13. I own three Masterbilts (maple, rosewood and mahogany). I love the ones from the early production years especially.
  14. The value of a guitar is more than its dollar amount. Having said that, probably $100-150 IMHO. I can't speak for others,but,I'm not sure any of us buy Epiphones to make money. Enjoy her...
  15. Great point about the bridge doctor. Some of these old guitars that we have (and no longer have) can have a sentimental value to them. If it were mine, I'd put some money into it. Good luck thanks for sharing.
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