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Isn't this a little steep in price for this one???


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The word "vintage" might sell the guitar. Some folks are really into that and likely know far-more about it than me, so the cost might be in-line with what they know. Like all of us, I've seen "vintage" guitars selling for a lot more. I look at "vintage" as meaning old...lol...but hey, that remark probably resembles me as much as the guitar. [thumbup]

Speaking of Lightfoot. He can make a 12-string sing. Incredible artist. One of best ever to my ears. Decent guy too. I've always found it pretty cool how so many of my heroes from the music side of life all respected, knew, often hung-out with my other music heroes. Cash, Dylan, Judy Collins, Lightfoot, Baez, Emmy Lou Harris, Orbison, Barry McGuire, and dozens more. The connections are literally endless.

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I see these quite frequently going for $800 to $1000.


Lightfoot played a B45-12 square-shoulder dread, not a B25-12.


Yes, the bridges were huge, even when paired with a trapeze tailpiece!



That seems normal to me $800-1000. The one listed is about double the price, but it does look in very good condition - better photos would be needed to really tell.


Mine is a '64 and I have read that after 65, they went wobbly, so a 63 listed in good condition would be a fairly desirable Gibson 12 string....mine is a wonderful, warm sounding guitar!





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