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Latest purchase...Longest drive!


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Saw a Fender 65 Deluxe Reverb RI on Craigslist for a great price! Been looking awhile & texted the guy & decided to go for it! Problem was, it was in another state. Not too bad - 3 hour drive. Got the "Mrs" & the dog & off we go. Travelling from North Carolina to Tennessee on I-40: straight shot, until we got close to the French Broad river. Traffic came to a complete stop! Sat there for over an hour looking at the scenery...weeds. Finally started moving, slowly & saw cars as far as I could see ahead of me in the same dilemma. After what seemed like an eternity, we got to the bridge where it was closed down to one lane. Then, full speed ahead....until - Came up behind a truck with all kinds of junk in the bed. I was wondering how well all the stuff was packed down when all of a sudden a bucket with some paper with red "stuff" on it flew out of the truck bouncing all over the road! I did happen to avert riding over the bucket, swerving almost off the road in the process. Little did I realize the red "stuff" went all over the front of the car in tiny little spots! It didn't appear like it was coming out of the bucket...but it sure did!

Anyway, a 6 hour trip ended up being an 8 hour trip + the time & elbow grease of washing & scrubbing the red "stuff" off the car, but I sure got a deal!




Also had the original speaker plus a speaker upgrade: Eminence Patriot Cannabis Rex.




I think the amp sounds amazing! From my research, it is a 2004 model in great condition.

Any opinions on the speaker upgrade? (He gave me the original Jensen as well.) ...Thanks!

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Nice find! I love the clean sound and reverb from these amps


Have you gotten a chance to crank the volume yet?


I cranked it to 10 Monday morning. WOW! 22 watts really gets loud! It did begin to break up pretty well... as did my hearing for a few hours after that! msp_unsure.gif

Talk about a clean amp. Fender reverb. A great amp! Played for a while tonight with no pedals, just the guitar straight in. Got lost in the music! That alone was worth the aggravation!


Ps looks like you've got a rickenbacker. Nice! I picked one up a couple months ago and to my ears it's the best sounding guitar ever!


Rickenbacker 620. AMAZING guitar. So slim it just hugs you when you play it. I love the sound (solid body Rick). Very easy to play & comfortable in your hands. (Also a 4001 bass.)





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